The UMAMI Story

Home Grown

Our Name

UMAMI, pronounced oo-ma-mi, is derived from the Japanese language and is translated to pleasant taste. UMAMI has also been identified as the fifth element of taste building on sweet, sour, salt & bitter.

Our Logo

The UMAMI logo depicts five colored circles enveloped in a rectangular outline. This represents the coordinated symmetry and attention to detail and quality in all things associated with the brand. The color of the five circles are representative of the national colors of Guyana. The number of circles (5) represent the five elements of taste being sweet, sour, salt, bitter and of course.... UMAMI!

Our Company

UMAMI Incorporated manufactures a range of value added, high quality agro processed food commodities to include sauces, seasonings and condiments. With tremendous focus placed on consistent product quality through the utilization of appropriate technology, the company's dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

The UMAMI Difference

Perfectly Crafted

Premium Ingredients

Every ounce of UMAMI sauce is crafted using the freshest and most flavorful ingredients. The lush farmlands of Guyana are known for their rich and fertile soils and are centrally located on the equator thus providing the perfect growing conditions.


The UMAMI brand prides itself on the taste, conscious enjoyment, and quality of its products. The UMAMI logo depicts five colored circles which represent the five elements of taste; sweet, sour, salt, bitter, and of course... UMAMI!

Commitment to Quality

The UMAMI team has developed a culture of committing to the highest quality and constantly work hard to maintain its standard. The integrity of the brand resonates with our core values in delivering optimal customer experience with every product.

The UMAMI Colours

National Pride

The UMAMI Red represents our hard work and commitment to quality.

The UMAMI Black adds sophistication and elegance to the brand.

The UMAMI Yellow symbolizes the richness in taste and quality of our products.

The UMAMI White reveals the purity and simplicity of the brand.

The UMAMI Green reflects the freshness and high quality of our ingredients.